Following on from the original NetBeans Plugin (NetBeansPlugin For Template Based BPEL) I have extended to include the twonew Documentation Generators described in:
  • Extendingthe Template based BPEL Document Generator (with JDBC Storage).
  • OpenDSTemplate based BPEL Document Generator.
These two additional classes are available from within the NetBeansOptions configuration screen.

Installing Plug-in

Before this plug-in can beexecuted you will need to install OpenOffice (or StarOffice) anddownload the Example Icons and template OpenOffice Document from the (TemplateBased BPEL Document Generation) blog.

The Module Suite c should be downloaded from the NetBeans Plug-inPortal (zip format) and then extracted. This will provided you with thefour NBM files.
  • com-tox-doc-nbm.nbm - Documentation Plug-in
  • com-tox-doc-gen.nbm - Command-line documentation jar wrapped as alibrary
  • com-tox-doc-nbm-oo.nbm - Minimum OpenOffice Jars wrapped as alibrary
  • com-tox-doc-nbm-batik.nbm - Minimum Batik Jar wrapped as a library
  • NetBeansPlug-in.
In addition when using the JDBC Document Writer you will need to addthe appropriate JDBC Jar file to your\platform9\lib directory.
Running Plug-in


The Configuration tab has been extended to include an additionalSub-Panel (see below) the "Document Generator" panel that allows theuser to select one of the following:
  • Simple Document Generator (Initially shipped version).
  • JdbcDocument Generator (Retrieves additional information from a JDBCResource).
  • LdapDocument Generator (Retrieves additional information from an LDAPDirectory).
Selecting one of these options will populate the table below with therequired connection properties that the user must fill in.

When entering data into thetable fields make sure you exit all fields. If you press the ok buttonwithout exiting the last cell then the changes may be lost.