Today I want to start a little overview about the current work of the framework project community members. Fortunately we have some volunteers from RedFlag 2000 who work on several projects. This time I want to provide some information about the following enhancement:

User interface migration

If you often change the user interface of you will probably stumble over the effect that the current user interface migration is not very smart. The migration process just copies all customized user interface settings from the old to the new version. This can result that you won't see any additional menu or toolbar items included in a new version. It's clear that only a minority customize the user interface of But this problem leads to a bad user experience for all people who like to do it. Wu Yan, a developer from RedFlag 2000, and myself talked about the root cause and how to solve it in an acceptable way. Now that a first prototype is ready I want to give you a brief overview about the features.

The user interface migration enhancement wants to provide users the ability to choose what changes are migrated into a new version. Normal users can use the default which migrates all customized changes to a new version.

You can see a screenshot of a first prototype below:

First prototype: User interface of the UI migration wizard

You can see the Writer menu differences between a customized 2.3 and 3.2 (DEV300m55). The user can delete changes or reset his/her work. ?OK? migrates the remaning entries and with ?Cancel the user can abort the migration process. This user interface is just a prototype to test the implementation and have a first impression.

If you interested in this enhancement and know how to write a specification. We are looking for volunteers who want to help us writing a good specification for this enhancement. Most developers are not good at creating a compelling user interface which can be used by normal users. Therefore people who want to join the community can provide valuable input. This is your chance to actively influence the progress of and work on an interesting enhancement.

You can contact me via e-mail or subscribe to the framework development mailing list. Everybody is welcome. The framework team will help you to have an easy start.