Sun Fire X2270 Server

Sun Fire X4270 Server

InfoWorld'sPaul Venezia published aglowing reviewof the Sun Fire X2270 and SunFire X4270 servers, which hedescribed as "the fastestx64 servers Sun hasever produced." TheSun FireX2270 received an overall rating of an 8.2 (out of 10), and the SunFire X4270 received an 8.8, which classified both servers as ?verygood? on the InfoWorld scorecard.

Paultested each server on his baseline VMware test application and in thelab, "the X2270 moved like a much more expensivesystem." He performed twotest runs with the X2270: one with the vApp running first on a single500GB SATA drive, and another with the VMs housed on an NFS share toa SAS array run from an Adaptec Snap Server 650. He reported "thedifference was noticeable and resulted in a performance increase ofaround 15 percent," andconcluded saying "there'sa lot of power in this littlepackage."

Pauldescribed the X4270 as "the best of both worlds, offeringthe 2U form factor that adds significant expansion opportunities anda wealth of local disk options." He reported that the X4270 "performs extremelywell in theVMware tests," saying "ithas power and expansion to spare." He highlighted the many featuresof the X4270 to include theexpansion bus and CompactFlash slot which lead him to declare "there'slittle that this box can't handle."

All in all, Paulconcluded by saying "both models areimpressive entries into theNehalem-based server market." He said these solid serverplatforms that successfully leverage the power of the Nehalemarchitecture "should find a home just about anywhere."