Earlier today (well, yesterday down under) ehCAChe maintainer and GlassFish good friend Greg Luck announced the "acquisition" of Ehcache by TerraCotta, another friendly GlassFish partner. This is giving Ehcache a business strategy, which it never had despite its popularity, in distributed caching. You can read more on TerraCotta's blog entries by Ari (founder, CTO) and Alex (aka Pure Danger). InfoQ also has a nice summary of the technical implications.

Congratulations to both parties, they seem to share a lot of common values. If you're interested in the integration between GlassFish and those two sets of technologies, please visit :
Ehcache - GlassFish HowTo & FAQ
Previous coverage of Ehcache on TheAquarium, including the GlassFishTV episode (slides), and Ehcache server using GlassFish embedded, jersey and metro.
Configuring GlassFish to Work with Terracotta and platform support.

Finally, make sure you read how to pronounce Ehcache properly and realize ehCAChe is actually a palindrome.