Welcome to my blog!

I am a Test Engineer based in Hillsboro, OR. I haven't always been a test engineer. I have a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering so I feel pretty comfortable in both the hardware and software domains. In the past, I have held positions in motherboard design, validation, tools, timing and more. I enjoy my current position as I get to frequently utilize my coding background while still being able to play with new hardware.

Currently, I am the Lead Test Engineer for Genesis. For those of you unfamiliar with Genesis, it is a storage platform. A full-up Genesis rack contains 384 drives for a grand total of 768TB of storage. Isn't that fun? Want more details?

To offer a completely integrated hardware/software experience, Genesis utilizes the FishWorks Appliance Kit. And that brings us to today. Currently, I'm deep into test development for P2 bringup. No, not everything is working as expected, but that just gives me more interesting topics to discuss here. As time goes on, I'll try to add interesting details from what I'm currently working on.