Student Views and Reviews recently spoke with Chinmay Garde, a JavaFX developer and student in his final year of study at the Manipal Institute of Technology. Chinmay was the grand prize winner of the Code JavaFX India contest and is very passionate about both RIA and Mobile development. Chinmay stated he has been interested in developing RIAs since the release of the early betas of Flex 3 and Silverlight 2, so he has kept a close eye on the development and progress of JavaFX since the release of the preview SDK last year.

Chinmay Garde

As a student, Chinmay said JavaFX is not yet part of the college curriculum, but reported that Sun Campus Ambassadors have been recently organizing workshops for all interested students on campus. Chinmay said for those looking to get started with the language is ?the go-to place for the latest news, tutorials, demos, and API documentation,? along with the blogs of individuals such as Joshua Marinacci, Jim Weaver and Rakesh Menon.

Chinmay called the 1.2 release of JavaFX ?a major step forward for the JavaFX platform,? He also noted ?the most compelling reason to use JavaFX is the ability to interoperate with existing Java libraries...that do amazing things...simply cannot be beaten.? Chinmay said he is looking forward to the release of the JavaFX Authoring Tool, which he believes ?is definitely the most important step in achieving the goal of rich user experiences across devices.? Based on the demos he's seen online, Chinmay thinks the authoring tool ?will make the designer-developer workflow more seamless.?

As an active developer, Chinmay is anxious for the Java Store Beta to open to developers outside the U.S. Chinmay has already published an app in the Apple store ? a complete GRE word list for anyone studying for the exam ? and has several more in progress. When asked how JavaFX will change the RIA landscape, Chinmay noted that today people have come to expect a high level of interactivity in any application they use ? whether on the desktop, mobile, browser, or television and since JavaFX ?is built specifically for building rich user experiences across devices [it] can certainly be a game changer in this aspect.?

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