Here is yet another amazing example of how Sun employees are giving back to the community. Donna Harland, from Florida, shared her story on what she is doing to help the turtle population:
I started volunteering in early July to help save the sea turtles from extinction. I live in South Florida on the east coast and the mama turtles lay about 100 eggs in each nest on our sandy beaches. When the turtles hatch about 45-55 days later, they are very confused by the lights of the condos, bars, sky glow and other light sources. As a volunteer, I am allowed to handle these endangered little turtles and get them into the ocean when they disorient toward a light.

There are two parts of this. One is to help the turtles. I'm on the beach 5 nights a week from 8pm often until 3 or 4am. So far, the small team I am on has saved over 2,700 of the over 6,000 that have hatched just on my 1 mile stretch. We watch nests and walk a long stretch of soft sand between nests, helping the new hatchlings into the ocean. The second part is to educate the public in how they can help by simply turning off lights, shutting drapes, encouraging their condo association to change illegal lighting and how to react to nesting turtles and baby turtles.

The sea turtles have been on the earth for 200 million years, pre-dating the dinosaurs. It has taken man a very short time to just about kill off the sea turtle. Once the turtle gets to the water, only 1 in 10,000 survive to nest laying age so it is critical we get as many there as possible. These animals live to about 100 years old and they are a significant part of the reef and ocean ecosystem. Without them, the reefs will die.

What's your story? What are you doing to help change the world? Share!