This is yet another update on the work going on in GlassFish v3 to provide a REST interface for management and monitoring. This time, Rajeshwar announces the availability of HTML rendering. This makes for a nice and simple interface for navigating through the rich set of monitoring data as well as for reading and modifying the GlassFish configuration, including deploying applications. Previous entries introduce the feature and cover the role played by Jersey.

If you want to try it for yourself, make sure you use a recent GlassFish v3 build (see Rajeshwar's entry or wait for promoted build 60) enable monitoring (set the appropriate sub-system level to LOW or HIGH). Also of interest is Ludo's recent and short presentation from Jazoon which introduces the REST interface feature and shows how to use a JavaFX client to use it (includes a demo too).

For the Mac OS users out there, this does not work in Safari because Safari prefers XML over HTTP. So use Firefox instead. Of course you still have the option of using either cURL or wget which I'd argue makes GlassFish quite cloud-friendly (no ssh required).