Manage GlassFish using Browser/REST InterfaceWe enhanced html representations served by GlassFishRESTinterface. We are now including all the needed meta-data in htmlrepresentations, thereby enabling write operations (update, create,delete) aswell. This enables us to manage and monitor GlassFishusing browser.

To use this feature, you can do the following-
1. Download latest GlassFish v3 distribution ( or
2. Unzip distribution zip and start the server.
3. Manage and monitor GlassFish using your favoritebrowser. You canaccess GlassFish REST interface using the following root urls -

GlassFish Configuration:

GlassFish Monitoring:

where {host} isthe server host and {port} is theadministration port.

Note: You need to turn on module monitoring levels for monitoring datato show up.

Below are some of the screen shots-
Configuration Domain Resource Monitoring Domain Resource
Configuration Stop Resource

Monitoring JVM Resource

Monitoring ClassLoadingSystemResource
Configuration IiopListenerResource