There are few features in coming DocWeb 2.1. And I just finish those features for DocWeb 2.1. Actually I got some feedback from users that they like the whole style very much but found couldn't bookmark those APIs. So we put Ajax back/forward/bookmarks support as one of highest features in this release.

Now, we partial support that feature in coming DocWeb 2.1. User can bookmark their favorite APIs in DocWeb. They can also click browser's back/forward button to view the their history page. The only limitation here is that we only support package/class link in left frame current. You couldn't bookmark pages got by clicking method/field link in left. You also couldn't bookmark pages got by clicking link in right frame of page. Those limitations will be disappear maybe in DocWeb 2.2.

BTW, we already support most of popular browser:

  • Internet Explorer
  • FireFox
  • Mozilla
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Opera
Please let me know if it didn't work in your browser.
Here is one of early picture for your reference:

The few difference user may feel when using the new version in detail:

  • one is url change from 'DocWeb/#' to 'DocWeb/#r/CLDC 1.1/java.util.Random/columnMain'
  • Second is title changed from 'DocWeb' to 'DocWeb-CLDC 1.1-java.util.Random'
We will release it very soon. Please keep in tune and enjoy it at that time!