Last week I wrote about the time spent dealing with email. While writing that entry I though it'd be nice to also visualize where all the time went, not just how much was spent on email. So tonight I went over the data to generate the following pie chart, showing relative allocation of working hours from early May until today, split into high level categories:

The 'Email' slice is self evident.. 'ARC' is the time I've spent in my role in Sun'sArchitecture Review Committee. 'Communications' includes conferences, presentation, blog entries, articles and other related work. 'Administrivia' is a catch-all category for all kinds of mindless unproductive overhead. Finally, 'Engineering' represents the time spent doing "real work".
About the only thing I can add is that this is about as concise a representation as we can get on why very large companies have trouble competing with agile startups. Part of my goal in this exercise is to find ways to grow that nice blue pie slice, but I realize there's a limit to what can be achieved in this environment. All those TPS^H^H^HPTL reports needs to be filed, after all.