So the first post was getting quite long, something I need to work on I think, here is content from Day 2 (and the last bit of Day 1!).

Closing Session for Day 2

In the closing session of the day, Angus gave us a view on 'cloud'. Its one of those trends that few people really understand because of marketing cross-talk between so many vendors of hardware, software, network, services, etc. The way I see it, we are doing this already - we already use things like gmail, salesforce, etc, these are 'applications as a service', hosting providers already allow customers to create their own VM's hosted in a shared datacenter, I'm personally excited by storage as a service offered by MobileMe, Amazon, etc. So its already started, the next thing I'm hoping to see is the adoption of open standards (something Sun is working on) so that customers can move from service to service or take a hybrid approach, owning some infrastructure themselves and supplementing this with public/cloud infrastructure, all using open API's.

Cool cloud stuff... drag n drop for the datacenter

This sort of 'flexible infrastructure' if you will, is the embodiment of a philosophy that has driven Sun for decades, "The Network is the Computer" (and here). Angus described the dramatic changes that have occurred in our industry in the last 15 years, recalling when he was able to serf all 7 of the worlds web servers in under an hour. Tasty.

Okay, time to throw some stats out there -
* 390GB = amount of data created every second
* 50c = amount of money spent on power and cooling for every $1 spent on servers
* 8 years = time since the Blues made the finals last!

Okay so the last item there is only relevant to Blues fans, but the point is that efficiency is critically important so selecting hardware such as the 64 and 128+ thread CMT systems, or the more efficient power supplies in Sun's x64 servers, reduces the financial and environmental costs of deploying server infrastructure.

For more on efficiency and the environment, take a look at the following:

* How Sun achieves its environmental & eco responsibility goals
* How YOU can collect, calculate and compare YOUR cabon footprint (

Opening Session - Phil Kearns!

Day 2 kicked off with Wallabies legend Phil Kearns making fun of pretty much every other Rugby nation out there! He gave us a fun, humorous and true account of the trials and tribulations of the Wallabies during their rebuilding phase in the mid 90's. It was a time of significant internal change combined with new threats such as unstoppable new opponent players. In spite of these challenges, Phil drilled into us that it is important not to lose the team culture and MOJO in these times. He congratulated the entire Sun partner community all on your ability to do just that - remain strong, grow sales and increase Sun market share in a time of great uncertainty, well done!

Day 2 content to follow...