While the GlassFish Forum is a great place to ask all sorts of questions, it's nice to see users taking the time to document their findings on their blogs. Some recent examples include :

"JAVA Security Provider Error" from Marc on getting the proper security provider when porting an application from JBoss to GlassFish.
"JEE Security - How to setup authentication on Glassfish and Netbeans", from Jair about Java EE security applied to GlassFish administration.
"Glassfish uriEncoding UTF-8" from Baiyun on encoding GET and POST parameters in GlassFish (either in domain.xml or in sun-web.xml).

Now I need to make sure this is all integrated into the GlassFish Wiki if not already covered. A centralized place for how-to's in addition to the GlassFish Documentation sounds like a reasonable thing to avoid relying on the accuracy of search engines.