Hi All,

So I've upgraded all my lab wireless network gateways to Netgear with 802.11n capabilities.

As we are getting closer to having 802.11n for OpenSolaris I wanted to get the MSI Wind and AA1 10" ready for testing.

I had been using a USB and Mini PCI-E TP-Link hardware to get to 300 Mbps, not sure we will ever get a driver for OpenSolaris here.

I jumped on Ebay and got a couple of AR5008E-3NX Atheros Mini PCI-E cards for $29.99 each, free shipping from China.

It took a while but I finally found the Atheros WiFi client and driver for Windows XP.

Look for this zip file :

STA7.6.1.221_RNWF7.6.1.204_APPS7.0.2.70_APPSV1.0.0 .137_INSTALL7.6.0.83bin.zip

The standard Windows XP driver does not let you go above 54Mbps.

In the client you can select to turn of 11Mbps and 54Mbps, now the AA1 10" and MSI connect to the 2.4Ghz at 300Mbps.

Now when we get to have 802.11n support for the ATH driver on OpenSolaris I already know the high speed internal card and gateway work.