Hi All,

So i've been testing all the nightlyies of what will become Neveda B121. On both the AA1 10" and MSI Wind.

desktop-print-management-applet was looping, using 100% of the processor, I renamed to desktop-print-management-applet.orig and kill the running program, cpu went back to normal.

The AA1 10" is working fine on Nevada B121.

The MSI Wind is working fine on Nevada B121, touchpad works after resume.

ACPICA is still locking up cpu 1 to 100% after resume, I'm going to check for different BIOS.

I have the AA1 8.9" on OpenSolaris 1002 B118, I'm going to look at local repositories and development for a customer I have in Turkey, they cannot afford to keep coming to our repository from Istanbul.

Also I need to build a headless distro for the BlueWonder Industrial Automation platform and a headless with Xorg distro for the JavaFX Jukebox / Digital Media projects.