Two new ****atiels

Two new ****atiels

New cage

John and new ****atiels

After our beloved 15-year-old pet Princess Birdie died earlier this summer, we started working with Mickaboo to adopt two ****atiels. Mickaboo is an all-volunteer organization in the San Francisco Bay Area dedicated to rescuing companion birds who have been neglected, abused, injured or surrendered. Or, as their home page says, they are “bird-loving people who want to change the world – one bird at a time.”

After sending-in-the-application and going-to-the-class and being-interviewed-by-phone and being-visited-at-home, Mickaboo approved us to adopt. As a result of what we learned during this extensive pre-adoption process, we bought a bigger bird cage, better bird toys, and different food. We then sent emails to several Mickaboo homes fostering ****atiel pairs to find out about their birds. Last weekend, we went to San Francisco to visit two birds we saw on Mickaboo’s web site and we fell in love. Our two new guys are great singers of duets and will be named Simon & Garfunkel. We are very excited that they will be coming home soon!

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