Humidity has well and truly struck.

The last few days have been incredibly sweaty. I spent the weekend crashing at a friend's house, whose 15 year old AC has been struggling. Popping home today was a welcome break from the heat.

As with every year, I wonder how people functioned before the advent of AC - granted, you didn't have to deal with the heat that's absorbed by the roads and buildings, but sitting in a small barasti hut or stone dwelling can't have been much fun.

There's a nice picture of a British soldier standing guard at the small fort near the beginnings of Abu Dhabi island, taken during the 50s. I don't know how hot it was when the photo was taken, but the chances are he would have had to endure the summer during his stint. With his tin hat melting on his head and 'summer' uniform drenched in sweat, I bet he wished he could have had the option of switching to local dress for a while.