Joyent and Sunhave announceda highly tunedMySQL Acceleratorthat claims2x-4x better performance than EC2(but see comments).

Joyent focuses on "Enterprise-Class Cloud Computing",with offerings onPublic Cloudand thePrivate Cloud,plus a newSmart Platformin beta(tutorial).Joyent's Cloud isBased on OpenSolarisand they are the largest OpenSolaris installation in the world.

Joyentand Sun have a long collaboration on Software and Hardware([1],[2],[3]).One of the containers supported inJoyent's Acceleratorsis GlassFish; see[4],[5],[6],and the MySQL Appliance, plus theZeus Accelerator(built usingZXTM'sExtensible Traffic Manager)and GlassFish make a very good Java Stack.We had coveredJoyent's hostingin earlier posts(@TA,@MtR).

BTW, while checking on this piece, I see that Joyent hasSold Strongspace and BingoDisktoExpandDriveso they can"... focus on Joyent Accelerators and Joyent Smart".