I'm afraid I haven't made any progress on my OSCON trip report this week. We've started the beta testing for migrating opensolaris.org from the current portal application to XWiki. I've been reviewing the ON Developer Reference, and it's taken more of my time than I had expected. (In fact, I'm still not done.)

If you're a community or project leader, please do take the time to review the pages that you're responsible for. Some issues will be easier to fix if they are identified before the migration. And the migration team needs user feedback to help identify which issues cause the most trouble.

If you just have a question, you can ask on the website-discuss list (at opensolaris.org). If you're sure you've found a bug, either in the migration code or in the new XWiki-based site, go to defect.opensolaris.org and file a bug under Development: product=website, component=site-wiki.