I was trying to install ssoadm commandline tool on a lab system that had opensso installed previously.

I unzipped the ssoAdminTools.zip to a directory and as per the instructions in the file README.setup I set the java path and then ran the setup command.

The setup did not complete successfully, it complained about not finding the bootstap file.

# export JAVA_HOME=/usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_17
# ./setup
Path to config files of OpenSSO server (example: /opensso):/opensso
Debug Directory:/opensso/opensso/debug
Log Directory:/opensso/opensso/log
/opensso/bootstrap (No such file or directory)

I looked at the debug logs and found the following exception in the file:

amSetupServlet:08/16/2009 11:42:25:705 PM EST: Thread[smIdmThreadPool,5,main]
ERROR: ServerConfigXMLObserver.notifyChanges
com.sun.identity.common.configuration.Configuratio nException: Not enough space
at com.sun.identity.setup.BootstrapCreator.update(Boo tstrapCreator.java:112)

at com.sun.identity.setup.BootstrapCreator.updateBoot strap(BootstrapCreator.java:79) at com.sun.identity.common.configuration.ServerConfig XMLObserver.update(ServerConfigXMLObserver.java:10 0)
at com.sun.identity.common.configuration.ServerConfig XMLObserver.notifyChanges(ServerConfigXMLObserver. java:80)
at com.sun.identity.common.configuration.Configuratio nObserver.notifies(ConfigurationObserver.java:190)
at com.sun.identity.common.configuration.Configuratio nObserver.globalConfigChanged(ConfigurationObserve r.java:158)
at com.sun.identity.sm.ServiceConfigManagerImpl.notif yGlobalConfigChange(ServiceConfigManagerImpl.java: 464)
at com.sun.identity.sm.ServiceConfigManagerImpl.objec tChanged(ServiceConfigManagerImpl.java:436)
at com.sun.identity.sm.SMSNotificationManager.sendNot ifications(SMSNotificationManager.java:282)
at com.sun.identity.sm.SMSNotificationManager$LocalCh angeNotifcationTask.run(SMSNotificationManager.jav a:348)
at com.iplanet.am.util.ThreadPool$WorkerThread.run(Th readPool.java:306)

This meant that the opensso configurator was not successful in creating the bootstrap file and I came to know of this only when I tried to setup ssoadm command line tool.

When I last ran the opensso configurator, I remeber reading the message "configuration complete proceed to login" and I was able to login to opensso console as amadmin without any issues.

Is this a bug in the configurator ? Can I construct a bootstap file manually to include datastore information to workaround this ? I am not too sure on this, for now I just decided to use a different system to get going.

I'll make another entry in my blog if I find answers to the above questions.