What's new:
- New Application SNMP Packet Analyzer
* Displays SNMP packets in raw (HEX) format
* Displays SNMP data as ASN.1 tree
* Displays detailed information about each element within SNMP packet
* SNMP v1/v2C/v3 support
* Supports all PDU types
* Tightly integrated with MIB Browser

- New Application MIB Editor
* Edits SMIv1/SMIv2 files (MIBs)
* Syntax highlighting
* Tightly integrated with MIB Manager (compiler)

- Network Manager has been significantly enhanced
* Documentation is now available
* Printing functionality is now supported
* Better integration with Script Server (SNMP traps handling, SNMP
polling processing)
* Now, it is now possible to edit properties of multiple selected
elements at the same time
* Selection mechanism has been improved
* Links management has been improved
* Link items are now displayed in Topology tree
* Links can be selected by mouse (rubber band selection)
* Link labels have been implemented
* Better element status customization (The user can customize what
happens if there is no ICMP and/or SNMP response)
* Processing (non-conditional) rules have been introduced in order to
handle custom attributes polling results
* Import/Export functionality has been implemented in order to
transfer/distribute NM settings across the entire Enterprise
* Full Screen mode is now supported (Activated by F11).Very useful in
production (NOC) environment.
* Grid/Snap to grid functionality is now available in design (edit)
* Element/Link Label transparency has been implemented
* Element(s) deletion confirmation has been implemented
* Rule(s) deletion confirmation has been implemented
* Network Manager now uses new topology rendering engine built on
cutting edge GDI+ technology from Microsoft:
+ Smooth drawing (using anti-aliasing)
+ High quality image scaling (using Bicubic Interpolation)
+ GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, ICO and BMP images are now supported in
addition to WMF/EMF
+ Animated GIFs support
+ Layer can now be filled with gradient
+ Alpha blending transparency/translucency is now supported (used to
highlight severe elements)

- Scripting
* New File IO function: AppendString
* Unlimited recursion is now properly handled
* Better variable types validation when casting/assigning
* New examples

- Database support
* NetDecision has been tested for compatibility with Sybase RDBMS. Test

- Enhancements and bug fixes
- New examples and solutions

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