In SNMP managers, there are some processes that run "all the time"
or run based on time of day, such as pollers. With a poller,
data is stored, and possibly "standard" reports created, and/or
a user is allowed to perform ad hoc queries on the stored

For processes such as pollers, it would seem like the SNMPv3/USM
identity that would be used in retrieving SNMP management info,
would be a "service identifier", such as "snmp-poller", and
not the identity of a "real" user.

I would like to find out what is actually used in practice.

If you know the details of a SNMPv3/USM manager, please send
a note to the news group and describe:
1) what SNMPv3/USM identity is used to retrieve mgmt info
2) what is the VACM setup on the managed systems (is it
"wide open" or "narrowly specified"
3) is the viewing of the retrieved data restricted by
the manager? (Do users have to "login" to the manager,
and the manager associates authorizations with each
user, including which mgmt info, and from which system?)

/david t. perkins