I have implemented my own MIB. Using mib2c I complied my mib and edited
it to handle snmpget,snmpset operations.

version: net-snmp-5.2.1
OS : linux

While doing so, I am getting correct response for
- snmpwalk
- snmpget with single oid
- snmpget with multiple scalar oids.

I implemented a structure to handle the values for the oids and writing
it to a file.
If I try to execute snmpget with multiple table type oids, the value
returned is correct one (value read from the structure in the file) for
the first oid in the snmpget.
Values returned for the consecutive oids is the one what I have set
while creating the row ie., the values are not read from the file.

I was not able to figure out the issue!!
Can somebody send me the sample C file to handle the multiple table
type oids in a snmpget?