We are pleased to announce the availability of AdventNet Simulation
Toolkit 5, a comprehensive suite of Agent and Network Simulation tools
for testing, training and demonstration of Network Management
Applications. This release offers additional protocol support, new
features, enhanced network performance and scalability up to 50,000+
SNMP, TFTP, FTP, Telnet and IOS devices marking yet another milestone
in Simulation Toolkit releases.

New features at a glance:

Network Simulator

* Simulation of Cisco IOS Software

- Simulate Cisco routers and Cisco switches. CLI support is provided to
access the IOS Software.
- Complete support for SNMPv1, v2c, v3 and TFTP.
- Cisco IOS commands implemented in User, Privileged, Configuration,
Interface configuration, Router and Vlan modes.
- IOS Script Editor to edit existing script files.
- IOS Script Configurator tools to configure new IOS commands.
- IOS Command customization with extensive script APIs.

* Telnet protocol support

- Execution of most commonly used Telnet commands.
- Command customization with extensive script APIs.
- Start/Stop Telnet server.
- Interoperable with SNMP protocol.

* Built-in pre-configured devices
- Cisco routers, switches and PIX firewall.
- HP and Lexmark printers.
- Windows, Linux and Solaris Hosts.
- TL1 Acme

* Automated Network Simulation
- Automation of the most common tasks performed by the network devices.
- Set triggers to instigate each task.

* Network Device Addition and Configuration
- Device Creation using SNMP WALK File.
- Random device addition with multiple device types in bulk.
- Configuration of multiple interfaces for each device and multiple
ip address for each interface.
- Bulk Modification of network device properties to modify the
parameters specific to SNMP, CLI , TFTP and Telnet devices.
- Automatic configuration of device IP address to the ipaddrTable,
while adding SNMP devices to the network.
- Automatic configuration of unique device to the system group,
while adding SNMP devices to the network.

* SNMP PDU Customization
- Interface for customization of request/response SNMP PDUs.
- Access to the SNMPScriptInterface object for working with behavior
API methods before processing the request/response PDU.

* View Network, Device Info
- Facility to view the network information like the total number of
in the network, the agents started, the idle agents and information
about each device type.
- Facility to view the devices in the network tree with their unique
device name or ip address and port combination.

* Migration tools
- Migration Tools to migrate the simulated agent/network configuration
created in release 4 to the latest.

* Other
- Dynamic configuration of virtual ip address in Windows, Linux and
- Supports the latest MySQL version 4.0.20. The same is bundled with
the product for all OS.

* Network Recorder
- SNMPv3 support in Network Recorder.

* SNMP Trap Stormer
- Support to configure and send traps with multiple "Agent IP address"
for each trap.

* Command Line Network Simulator

- Support to start multiple networks from command line.
- Command line buffer for enhanced network performance.

To learn more about the product and its features, refer to the Online
help documentation. Download a 30 days trail copy of the product at

Contact : For support: simulator-support@adventnet.com
For queries on products: sales@adventnet.com

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