www.NetDiscover.org: NetDiscover Technology

(1) New version of NetDiscover MIB Editor & MIB Web Publisher
- Receive now an unlimited license of new MIB Editor on simple request*.
* until 2004/12/31, reserved to registered SNMP companies
(excludes "MIB Web Publisher" License).

(2) Announcement: NetDiscover Identification Technology
- Q2/2005: "NetDiscover OID Identification"
- Q3/2005: "NetDiscover Product Identification"

www.SNMPLink.org : Updated
- Fully updated. www.SNMPLink.org web site is probably now the
best resource about SNMP & MIB.
- On-line MIB Documentation updated (Cisco, Juniper, .), download it.

Best Regards,
Pierrick SIMIER