We are pleased to announce the release of AdventNet Simulation Toolkit
4. Simulation Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use
GUI-based agent and network simulation tools that simplify
development, testing, and demonstration of network management
applications in a virtual, scalable, network environment. It provides
unparalleled benefits and capabilities to simulate a network with SNMP
and TL1 devices in a single work station,in addition to simulating
standalone SNMP and TL1 agents.

Complete support for SNMPv1, v2c, v3 and TL1 enables simulation of
SNMP and TL1 device prototypes with any type of SNMP MIB definitions
and TL1 command sets. The simulated environment is fully controllable,
enabling complete testing of the management application with 100%

AdventNet Simulation Toolkit can be used by,

* Management software development and testing departments to test
network management applications before deployment and setup powerful

* Device vendors/Equipment manufacturers to accelerate the design
and development of network equipment by allowing software
development and validation to proceed in parallel with hardware

* Enterprises and Service providers to exhaustively evaluate new
management products and train network operators.

---- Key Features : Network Simulation* -----

* Integrated Network designer to design and create a network with
multiple SNMP and TL1 devices at one shot.*
* Bulk modification of IP address and OID values of network devices.
* Auto-generation of scripts and built-in script APIs to format SNMP
and TL1 command responses and generate trap/autonomous messages.*
* Bulk addition of scripts across all devices in the network.
* Individual agents in the network can be started or stopped.
* Runtime execution of traps/autonomous messages and behavior scripts
can be enabled/disabled.
* Option to select and register only the required OIDs in SNMP
devices, for improved performance.
* Registration of additional SNMP OIDs and TL1 command codes
at runtime, for simulating new MIBs/TCS.
* Individual control of network devices :*
- Individual Agents in the Network can be started or stopped.*
- Devices can be added individually or in bulk*
- A device can be copied and pasted in the network*
- SNMP and TL1 agent values can be configured individually.*
- New MIBs and TCS files can be added to the existing device
- Real SNMP agents can be recorded for individual SNMP devices
in the network.*
- Traps/Autonomous Messages can be configured for individual SNMP
and TL1 devices in the network.*
- Scripts can be configured individually or in bulk.*
* Enhanced startup time for large networks.
* Enhanced performance for large scalability testing.
* Command line Network simulator to start the network simulation
form command line.*
* Sample Demo Network bundled with the product.
* Simulated Cisco 3000, 4000,5000,6000 catalyst series switches

---- Key Features : SNMP Agent Simulation* ----

* Support for complete SNMPv1, SNMPv2, and SNMPv3 agent simulation.
* Record and replay real agent values and traps to create simulations
of actual devices.
* Configurable trap and inform generation.
* Request-based, timer-based, threshold-based traps can be configured.
* Agent IP address and manager details can be set globally, while
sending traps.
* Traps can be sent with agent SysUpTime as varbinds.
* Timer-based traps can be sent with updated agent values as varbinds.
* Auto-generation of scripts and built-in script APIs for
customization of SNMP responses and trap messages.
* Runtime execution of trap, inform messages and behavior scripts can
be enabled/disabled.
* SNMP proxy agent simulation to simulate multiple SNMP agents with
different community strings.
* SNMP trap stormer for receiving/processing of trap events over a
specified time interval or at the burst mode.
* Customization of SNMP response pdu to send garbled/invalid
* Simulation of SNMPv1,v2,v3 error conditions.
* RMI Interface for controlling the simulated agent values via RMI
to have a good control over the simulated environment.
* Re-simulation of agent values without modifying the existing
* Command line SNMP agent simulator to start the simulation form
command line.*
* Sample IP Router simulation is bundled.
* Mib Browser tool to operate on the SNMP agent.

---- Key Features : TL1 Agent Simulation*----

* Configuration of multiple Access id and Message Payload blocks
for a specific command code.
* Configuration of multiple valid and error response lines in
text block
* Configuration of Alarm messages with varied combinations of
text blocks and severity for a single autonomous code.
* Powerful built-in script APIs to customize TL1 responses and
autonomous messages.*
* Simulation of random variations in response time, acknowledgment
responses and error responses for TL1 commands.
* Gateway Network Simulation to simulate multiple NEs connected via
a GNE and also simulates the GNE.
* User-Related security is implemented as per the specifications in
GR 815 and TR 835.
* Runtime execution of TL1 autonomous messages and behavior scripts
can be enabled/disabled.
* Re-simulation of agent values without modifying the existing
* Common input and self monitoring commands implemented in the agent.
* Command line TL1 agent simulator to start the simulation from
command line.*
* TL1 Craft Interface tool to create and edit TCS files.
* TL1 Message Builder tool to operate on the TL1 agent.*

You can download the product for evaluation at
http://www.adventnet.com/products/simulator/index.html .

Thanks & Regards,
(Simulation Toolkit Team)
AdventNet, Inc
Web site : www.adventnet.com