jSNMP Enterprises is pleased to announce the release of jSNMP Enterprise

jSNMP Enterprise provides application developers a cross-platform means of
communicating with SNMP devices and services. It is written entirely in Java
and is completely portable. jSNMP provides complete SNMP v1/v2c/v3 support
including trap/inform handling and authentication and privacy password
alteration. It has been optimized for use with multiple simultaneous
connections, allowing for a 3-tier model. To support a 3-tier model, jSNMP
includes the tools necessary to create distributed network management
applications using RMI and CORBA. It also includes a MIB compiler that
allows MIBs to be loaded and queried at run time. For further information
please see our web site (http://www.jsnmp.com/products.html). To download
an evaluation version, please visit

jSNMP Enterprises believes in supporting educational institutions throughout
the world. Our jSNMP Enterprise Educational License Program provides free
licenses to fully accredited educational institutions. For more information
please see our Educational License program on our web site

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