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    Any body know of a good book on snmp3

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    > Any body know of a good book on snmp3

    William Stallings' "SNMP, SNMPv2, SNMPv3, and RMON 1 and 2" has a
    pretty good chapter on SNMPv3. The current (3rd) edition is from
    early 1999, so it doesn't have up-to-date RFC references and such, but
    the contents are mostly still valid. The level of detail is
    sufficient to be useful for implementation (of course the RFCs are the
    authoritative source of information...), and certainly more than
    sufficient for understanding the concepts underlying SNMPv3's security
    mechanisms (USM). An article on SNMPv3 by Stallings also appeared in
    the Internet Protocol Journal in 1998:

    David Zeltserman's "A Practical Guide to SNMPv3 and Network
    Management" got some very good user reviews on, but I
    haven't read it myself.

    The Simple Times
    has many articles about SNMPv3, but I don't know whether they are
    useful for you. Uri Blumenthal's and Bert Wijnen's "Security Features
    of SNMPv3":
    is a good overview of the design of SNMPv3's most important new

    I keep a list of references (books and RFCs) on SNMP under
    - I'm sure there are other such lists.

    Hope this helps,

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