I just upgraded my Alcatel/Thomson Speedtouch 510v4 ADSL modem/router to
firmwarelevel 4.2.3. This should enable SNMP features on the 510 as where
already present on the 600-series.

What I would like to do is gather traffic statistics from this 510v4 by my
computer (Win XP Home).
Can anyone suggest a good free/shareware program to do that ?
I must say I'm new to SNMP, so I just have an idea about the meaning of
"traps" and "MIB's" and so on.
All the installable things in Windows XP seem to direct to software that
will make my XP machine manageble by SNMP, and thats not what I want. Or do
I get thinks mixed up ?

Any suggestion is welcome.

Regards, Ronald