I'm looking to deploying network management software to
manage routers, switches, servers (UNIX/Windows),
workstations (UNIX/Windows). We want to do classic
network management - fault management, performance
management (collecting data, bandwidth utilization,
baselining, traffic analysis), mapping network topology...
The PTB's have decided that since we've already made an
investment into Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and
Systems Management Server, that we should use the existing
infrastructre for network management.

From the documentation, MOM can receive SNMP traps, but
that doesn't do much for collecting arbitrary SNMP data.
MOM provides a software development kit (SDK) that could be
used to extend MOM, but I'm not into customizing microsoft
products to that extent.

Can anyone share their experiences managing routers and
switches using MOM/SMS?


Finding an NMS is harder than it looks