Hi everybody,

Maybe I'm asking a quite newbie question, I apologize in advance for

I'm trying to write a Soltice subagent using a different approach to
the one described in the Sun's Development Guide:

I don't have a pre-defined MIB (for several reason, I've got it, but
don't want to use it); instead I would like to register my app as the
"manager" for a given subtree (say enterprise.myId) and to answer to
all the requests directed to that subtree.

I'm founding quite difficult to understand the few lines of the snmp
library functions and the Development Guide is of no help at all....

I was wondering simply hot to register my application for a given
subtree, how to define a unique callback for the whole get/getNext/set
operations on the subtree and how to send traps programmaticaly.

Any help / suggestion / link / example would be of great help.