Stage One Partners has been engaged to conduct a market study for
Artiza Network's new Visual Network Management product, Xon
(pronounced "Zone"). Information on the product is available here:

All participants who complete the two week study will receive a free
copy of Xon along with one year of software maintenance, including
product updates, bug fixes and technical support. You may register at

This market study will be a critical component of Artiza's decisions
regarding product functionality, usability, pricing and product
launch. Stage One Partners is seeking a small group of active network
managers who are comfortable testing products and who value the
opportunity to provide comments and recommendations on new

Built on a Web Services architecture, Xon's access-anywhere,
zero-training user interface allows you to quickly and easily
visualize your networks and detect critical problems. Xon collects
comprehensive information about all the devices on your network—even
the ones that don't have SNMP enabled—so you can proactively manage
your firm's most important assets. Using Xon, you can eliminate time
wasted keeping up with network changes and focus on issues that move
your organization forward. Details of Xon's functionality appear in
the attached document and are available online at

To qualify as a participant in the study, your firm must have a
network of at least 20 nodes with at least one Windows 2000
Professional or Server machine running Microsoft Internet Information
Services (IIS) version 5.0. If you are selected as a participant, you
will be asked to install and test the product over a two- to four-week
period. You will then be asked to complete an online survey and
provide a copy of the data Xon creates. Selected participants will be
contacted directly for more detailed follow up.
If you are interested in participating in the study, please complete
the registration form at Stage
One Partners will contact you with the specific details of the market
study once you have been accepted.