If you are tired of trying to timely backup your project you should read
this message.

Relative Reversion is a new innovative product that will not only schedule
your backup sessions incrementally, but it will also manage the number of
backup snapshots that you want to keep on your storage media. Older backup
snapshots are cleared automatically per your specifications, which makes
room for newer backup snapshots to be stored. All the backup snapshots are
taken incrementally, which reduces the storage requirements to the bear
minimum. That means that after a simple configuration of Relative Reversion
you can concentrate on your job while the data that you produce is taken
care of by Relative Reversion.

Relative reversion supports a novel E-GFSTM and STDTM algorithms, which
enables you to define the number of backup snapshots to save based on the
time they were taken, and to automatically clear outdated files. Several
definitions exist for Intra-daily, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Special
backup snapshots.

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