I installed an eval copy of SNMPc and loaded up the MIB for
BackupExec. It sends the trap to the manager fine, but the message
received is in the following format:

enterprises.1302. [1] enterprises.1302.3.3.5 (Octet
String): Backup Exec: Robotic Library Device Requires Attention [2]
enterprises.1302.3.3.1 (Octet String): PJSCFS [3]
enterprises.1302.3.3.3 (Octet String): Eject Drive 0032 [4]
enterprises.1302.3.3.6 (Octet String): Please remove the media from
the drive. [5] snmpTrapEnterprise.0 (Object ID):

Is this correct. Although I understand what it's saying I thought it
be in a more readable format. Am I missing a step in this process. Any
assistance is greatly appreciated.