i m using WINSNMP API for writing simple SNMP application , for SET
REQUEST i m getting bak the RESPONSE with same value and oid on which
i have set the the new value . but when i check the same OID value
form GET REQUEST it is shwoing the same old value !

i have posted this it before too but some one replyed me its due to
bug in AGGENT , but i have runed the same code on other machine it has
the same problem( i m using the builtin AGGENT of WINDOWS )
here is the code which is i m using plzzzz some one help me ! i be
grate full to u !

char tmpArr[] = "ABCDEFEG";
tmpValue.syntax = SNMP_SYNTAX_OCTETS ;
tmpValue.value.string.len=(sizeof( pp ) / sizeof( pp[0]));
tmpValue.value.string.ptr = (unsigned char *)pp;
hVbl = SnmpCreateVbl(m_hSnmpSession, &tmpOid,

when i use this hVbl in sendmessage method it retuns me same value
which i have set (ABCDEF) in a callback function ! and accroding to
RFC if u get the response form agent then ur SET request has been set!

but it is't ! plz help me