Here is a command I can send to the agent using the RW community.
r is the behavio
snmpset -c private OUTPOST-SRENA-MIB:psSrenaRestartSystem.0
i 9990

If I use the RO community, I get the following:

[cfowler@cfowler DEVEL outpost-mibs]$ snmpset -c public \
OUTPOST-SRENA-MIB:psSrenaRestartSystem.0 i 9990
OUTPOST-SRENA-MIB:psSrenaRestartSystem.0 = INTEGER: restartnow(9990)

Instead of getting an error, my set code returns the restartnow value.
But since it is RO nothig has changed and the system is not restarting.

My question is should my code return a unsetable error instead of doing
nothing? Or is the behavior I'm seeing the exepected behavior. This week
is the first time I have done sets so I'm new to the process. The command
I'm setting restarts the embedded device.