First of all.. sorry for crossposting.. (I posted this in too yesterday)

Hi all,

We are currently preparing for a major upgrade of about 800 3524XL switches
next saturday. We wrote a script that will:

a: upload the new IOS
b: Download the configuration file
c: Change the configuration with some new settings that are required
d: Upload the new config to the startup config

actuall upgrade:
e: reload the switches on saturday

In order to upload the new IOS we are renaming the old file to what the new
IOS is named and then copy it over the old IOS.

The script is expecting for the IOS filename to be the same all the time but
I encountered 2 wrong filenames sofar. (The filename should be the same on
all switches but I guess someone just did not know what he was doing). I am
not able to change the script (I know some perl but there is a lot of expect
in it of wich I do not kow anything yet) and the person who wrote it is on

Since i am not planning on doing a telnet to all the 800 switches and do a
dir I was wondering if someone could tell me if the filenames can be found
using snmpget. I have been looking for it but I can not find it anywhere...
I tried looking through and on Google but I have not been

I could really use some help on this.

thanks in advance...


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