Jitu wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm unaware of SNMP working. I've trouble with my network users. I've
> cable connection and some of the IPs are frequently doing "SNMP public
> access udp" as per firewall. Is this harmfull or can someone do any
> mischief with this? If yes, please guide me, what shall i do?
> Thanks to all.
> Jitu

Where this UDP's do come from? From outside to your network? SNMP
(Simple network management protocol) used to view and manage
configuration and run-time status of SNMP-aware devices such as routers,
switches, servers e.t.s. Taking into account that in some cases SNMP
function of this devices are preconfigured by manufacturer with well
known community strings (passwords) "public" and "private" end enabled
by default, somebody can view configuration and operating status of your
network devices and even change it. It may be more dangerous than
installation programs and data access.

So if you have SNMP-aware devices and not going to manage them with SNMP
protocol, check if SNMP functions ara disabled or change community
strings from theirs default values.