Pete Flugstad wrote:

> Okay, I'm trying to understand proxy forwarding better. First,
> *IMO*, a more convoluted scheme could not have been invented.
> I'll just leave it at that.



> Question: how is the outgoing context engine id and/or name selected?

> Is it the same as the incoming packet? There doesn't seem to be
> anything in the SNMP-PROXY-MIB that defines the context engine id
> to used for the outgoing target.

The context engine id and/or name in the scoped pdu define the context
where the data contained in the varbind list originated from. So it does
not change. (In other words, the scoped pdu is an end-to-end thing while
the information in the message header is a hop-by-hop thing if you look
at proxy chains.)


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