I have a net-snmp implementation with several agentx sub-agents. My problem is this: I have to provide coverage for an embedded device who's agent expects snmpv2c Get, Set and GetNext messages via its own public api. It appears to me that, given the protocol restrictions, an Agentx sub-agent is not a reasonable solution. A further complication is that this device ,via its public api, announces the MIB sub-tree it covers after initialization. This sounds like the implementation of a local proxy agent tasked to forward the requests and responses to/from the embedded device via its public api. Am I correct in this assumption? If so can a proxy agent be established after the net-snmp service has been started or is the proxy configuration done only through config files? Can the proxy configuration command be invoked after net-snmp has started ? Are there any snmp library extensions to do this reconfiguration under program control?