Good afternoon

I need your help

I have the following scenario: I have a local machine and a remote machine. In my local machine I have a snmp client (nagios) performing a snmp query to my remote machine.

In my remote machine I have a private OID pointing to the following command: "perl /test/ -s Metrix Probe01"

My problem is the following: the string "Probe01" is a variable field. It can be Probe01 or Probe02, Probe03 and so on...

I donīt want to create several OIDīs to each probe. I want to have one OID, but a "variable" OID (if such thing is possible).

I want to have a OID pointing to the following command:

perl /test/ -s Metrix $Probe

and I want to send the variable $Probe from my local machine through the snmp query: is it possible? If so, how?

Any help is apreciated.