Hi Magnus!

Thanks a lot for your answer.... Well, I know now!!!
And that solves my problem.

Thank you very much,
Ângela Lázaro

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tor 2008-11-06 klockan 16:04 +0000 skrev Angela Lazaro:
> Hi all!
> I'm using Net-Snmp 5.3.2 and implemented an agent that responds to a
> MIB. This MIB has a table of type read-create and to implement this
> table I used mib2c command:
> mib2c -c mib2c.iterate.conf tableName
> This table has 3 columns of DisplayString type and it's possible to
> perform GET and SET request to these columns.
> When I receive the requests for this table I receive the type of the
> requests on the handler and when is a SET request I receive the value
> to be written with trash. The value have characters that were not sent
> by the SET command. I access to this value using
> request->requestvb->val.string
> where the request is a pointer to a netsnmp_request_info type and
> initialized with
> netsnmp_extract_iterator_context (request);
> I have also clean the variable where I store this value but I'm sure
> that the trash arrives to the handler in the variable
> request->requestvb->val.string
> Do I have to clean anything else first? Can you please give me you
> opinion!!!

You are aware that requestvb->val.string isn't NUL-terminated but that the length is given by requestvb->val_len, right?


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