What I find out is that I need
1) .snmp\mibs directory with MYMIB files
2) share\snmp\mibs direcotry with standard mibs
3) setup snmp.conf for mibsdir and default options
4) setup MIBS environment variables to recognize MYMIB module.

Without any of these the snmpwalk can walk through the tree but without thevalue I'm expecting.
That means running snmpget fails to get the values (scalar or table). I remember reading somewhere says the MIB files are not needed in clients, but it doesn't seem to work in my case. Any explanations?

> snmpwalk client_pc

client_pc is the IP address of the pc that run snmpd.exe, right?

Thanks a lot!

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mån 2008-11-10 klockan 14:22 -0600 skrev Wen, Jing:
> What do I need to install to make snmpwalk works on a client then?

Nothing should be needed but you might want some configuration in order
to shorten the command and get more readable output.

> I just copied the snmp.conf file from localhost to the client pc and it WORKS now!
> But I still want to know the official way to do it.

snmpwalk client_pc

You do not give enough context for me to give a better answer than that.


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