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Subject: Re: Can someone help me interpret these snmpd debug messages?

ons 2008-11-05 klockan 16:06 -0600 skrev Wen, Jing:
> Hello all,
> I'm trying to snmpwalk a simple table, the output shows
> MY-MIB:dataTable = No more variables left in this MIB view.
> The agent returns these debug messages:
> -----------------------------------------------
> NET-SNMP version 5.4.2
> handler:calling: calling handler bulk_to_next for mode GETNEXT
> handler:returned: handler bulk_to_next returned 0
> handler:calling: calling handler null for mode GETNEXT
> handler:returned: handler null returned 0
> ------------------------------------------------
> The last two line seem bad to me.
> I have other scalars in MY-MIB which when walked through gives
> correct values. The snmpd debug messages are as following:
> ------------------------------
> ......
> handler:returned: handler instance returned 0
> handler:returned: handler scalar returned 0
> handler:returned: handler serialize returned 0
> ......
> ----------------------------
> The scale code is generated by mib2c.scalar.conf and the table code is
> generated by mib2c.mbf.conf.
> All code are compile under netsnmpmibssdk.dsp project and statically
> linked to snmpd.exe

You are suffering from the fact that the client lack precognition.
The protocol for fetching table values is to keep fetching until it get
something not in the table and since the client can't know how many rows
there is in your table it has to try to get the value after to notice
that the table has ended.
In the agent the same problem occurs so the agent also asks your code
one extra time in order to get the nothing more here message.


Thank you for replying. I found that I didn't use the correct mfd
configuration parameters which prevented me from initialize the table
correctly. In my situation, I used "container-cached", "transient" data
type to make it work.


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