well, I noticed that the master agent closes a session if a subagent is
not responsive. Can't this be considered as a subagent going down. Maybe
add some hooks there to update subagent status, send notification out.

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> I'm running a system with a master agentx and multiple subagents. I
> need to send a notification when a subagent goes down, crashes for
> example. How can the master agent monitor the state of subagents. does

> it keep track of ping requests?.
> Is there anything in net-snmp that supports this operation?.

This is explicitly not part of AgentX. You are expected to use
application management techniques on the host on which your subagent is
running to keep the subagent up. This can be the same type of
application management used to restart snmpd should it go down.

The master agent is expected to be unaware of the details of its
subagents, and should not do the application management of them. The
full reasoning behind this is a bit too involved to get into, but it
makes sense once you've got everything running.



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