I have a two part question about SNMP v3 inform and engine ID
discovery of a notification receiver.

1. While sending an SNMPv3 inform to a notification receiver is the
engine ID discovery procedure the same as for the sending requests to
a command responder (agent):
a)Inform with zero length engine ID no authentication no privacy /
receives report usmStatsUnknownEngineIDs and the discovered engineID
b)Inform with auth, privacy and the engineID from the received
report / receives report with engine boots and time
d) sends inform with authentication, privacy, engine id and receives

2. I expect reports and responses from the notification receiver port
162. Some third party software sends reports for my informs from ports
other than 162. My understanding is that reports as part of the engine
discovery must come from the same port where informs were received by
the notification receiver (same sockets), i.e. port 162.

I appreciate your response.