> From: Brian A. Seklecki [mailto:lavalamp@spiritual-machines.org]
> Sent: Monday, October 27, 2008 5:53 AM

> Re-send (For some reason this never made it)

Email is fundamentally unreliable, remember.

> Does this 32bit integer truncate error have to be LOG_ERR?

I would think so. If you're truncating an integer, something is seriously broken somewhere along the line and the flag should be raised.

> Also, what's with this pre-processor statement? I haven't
> followed the
> 64-bit train (I assumed that everything had been fixed cira 2000)
> On RELENG_7/amd64:
> checking size of long... 8
> checking size of int... 4
> [...snip..]

I'm not sure what you mean. This statement would predate 64 bit capable code - it checks the widths of various C integer data types, which have specified minimum lengths, but may be larger, I would imagine so that it can put 32 bit data into a 32 bit type, if possible. The same principle does apply to 64 bit. Apparently the code has found enough width, as it doesn't check long long, which is the 64 bit type on some architectures.

> In the mean time, can we silence it with:

That's a Wes question, I think (or is it Dave?), but I would expect not. What are you doing that results in integer truncation?



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