I've made a agentX subagent for net-snmp using mib2c, it's working
perfect on a linux box.

Now i'm interesting to put the subagent in a solaris box, but i can't
disable snmpdx because the system it's been monitored through sun-
cluster-mib.mib and SUN-SNMP.mib only available on snmpdx (żi'm

So I tried the "7. Using Sun's SNMP daemon and net-snmp together"
from README.solaris (Net-Snmp), but in snmpdx startup with debug 1
(/usr/lib/snmp/snmpdx -y -c /etc/snmp/conf -d 1). I'm getting:

error at line 21: mib-2.25 is not a macroBUG at line 23:
macro-parsing errorerror at line 29:
host is not a macroBUG at line 29:
agent statement errorparsing /etc/snmp/conf/net-snmp.reg failed>>

the file /etc/snmp/conf/net-snmp.reg is:

macros =
host = mib-2.25
ucd = enterprise.2021

agents =
name = "net-snmp"
subtrees = { host,ucd }

Thanks in advance!