Hi Laurence.

I have documented how to configure Windows to forward event log messages
as SNMP traps when using the Microsoft SNMP service:


If you are using the winExtDLL version of Net-SNMP then it should work
without the Microsoft SNMP service running. If not, then you can
configure the Microsoft SNMP service to listen on a different port so it
doesn't conflict with Net-SNMP (see the Net-SNMP README.win32 file) and
configure it to not accept queries from any hosts except localhost (not
required, but a good idea).


Laurence Munro wrote:
> I have successfully set up windows Net-SNMP on Windows XP, 2000, and
> 2003 server, all properly detected. I can also monitor for strings in
> log files without issues, and I receive the traps 100% Thus the only
> outstanding requirement is to monitor the NTEventlog, application only
> for starters will be adequate. The obvious problem here is that is the
> the nt log files are in .evt format.
> Thus the question is: How would I go about looking for strings in the
> NT application log which will then send triggers?

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