I am pretty new to this but here is the problem and I may be posting
to the wrong group, but I'd give it a try since SNMP people know a lot
about network and server programming

I am creating a web application used for hospital, the portal displays
real time information form medical device (such as blood pressure,
whatever). There will be say, tens or hundreds of users using the
portal, each requests information from different individual device.

The devices will be hooked to a server (or a server farm, depends on
the scale). The server needs to serve all the requests from all the

My impression is that I can use a pool of poller in server (size
depends on reasonable number of concurrent users, and maybe able to
dynamiclly increase pool size, but that is not my question). And I
plan to use a web service to expose the data request/serve function.

The questions are:
1. how do I implement of this poller pool?
2. how do I associate the poller with web service? (like, how can I
use a getDeviceData(deviceID) call to make a poller to poll device
with ID, and get the data returned by poller?

If the poller always polls a fixed device, then it is easier, but the
problem is that poller is idle until request comes in with a certain
device ID so it is very dynamic.

Any suggestion is appreciated!